Giving Tag Program

Each “My Heart” Reusable Bag comes with a Giving Tag attached, providing shoppers with the option to make their own choice of a local nonprofit to receive the $1 donation from their bag purchase.

By following instructions on the Giving Tag within seven days of purchase, shoppers visit to submit a nonprofit of their choice. Once your organization reaches $20 or more from the Giving Tag, you’ll receive a donation check!

If the Giving Tag isn’t submitted within seven days, then the $1 will be directed to the nonprofit selected by store leadership for that month.

*See FAQs for calculation.

Giving Tag Program Overview

Making it easy for shoppers to give back to their local communities.

Giving Tags come attached to the “My Heart” Reusable Bags, empowering shoppers to send the $1 donation to a nonprofit of their choice. Running an ongoing campaign to remind your supporters about this option is sure to direct more donations your way.

  • Send out regular communication to inform supporters.
  • Remind shoppers on your social media.

Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

The more you get the word out to optimize sales and donations, the more you can maximize the benefit to your organization. Here are more easy-to-use tools that can help you create a complete campaign, so start spreading the news!

Tag, we’re it!

Stories from nonprofits that’ve benefited from the Reusable Bag & Giving Tag Programs.

“My Heart” Reusable Bag

Creating spaces where children thrive.

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Giving Tag Program?

Every $2.50 red “My Heart” Reusable Bag comes with an attached Giving Tag. Each time you purchase one of these bags, the store donates $1 to a local nonprofit. The Giving Tag gives you the opportunity to direct a $1 donation to a nonprofit of your choice within 7 days of the purchase. If the $1 donation is not directed within 7 days, then it will automatically be donated to the store’s default nonprofit beneficiary for that two-month benefiting period.

How can I use the Giving Tag to direct my $1 donation?

When you buy the bag, you’ll notice there’s a tag attached to it. Simply follow the instructions on the back of the tag:

  • Scratch and reveal the unique code. *Note: there are no numbers in the code.
  • Visit within 7 days of your purchase.
  • Fill out the necessary information on the website form.
  • Select a nonprofit to receive the $1 donation.

If the donation is not directed within seven days of purchase, the donation will automatically go to the store’s selected nonprofit beneficiary that month.

Does the Giving Tag replace the two-month Reusable Bag Program?

No. The ongoing Giving Tag Program is separate from the Reusable Bag Program. As a beneficiary of the two-month selection period, you will automatically receive any funds from the purchase of the red “My Heart” Reusable Bag that are not otherwise directed by the Giving Tag. If you are selected as a beneficiary for a two-month selection period, you will be notified. The Giving Tag provides an ongoing opportunity for shoppers at any store to direct the $1 donation to the non-profit of their choice at any time.

When are the donations distributed to the benefiting nonprofits?

We will send donation checks directly to selected nonprofits earning $20 or more in the Reusable Bag Program approximately 6-8 weeks after their two-month benefiting period ends. Selected nonprofits earning less than $20 in their two-month benefiting period will be sent a donation check when the accumulated benefits reach at least $20 or at the end of the year.

Can I submit my nonprofit to participate in this program?

Yes. Hy-Vee is committed to serving the communities in which we live and work, so if your nonprofit is 501(c)(3) certified, then visit our Submit Your Organization page to sign up to participate, or visit our website to learn more about our other community programs.