“My Heart” Reusable Bag Program

Welcome to the Hy-Vee “My Heart” Reusable Bag Program! By simply making a $2.50 Reusable Bag purchase, shoppers give $1 back to a local nonprofit selected every two months by store leadership. Use the resources to let your supporters know!

Program Overview

Making it easy for shoppers to give back to their local communities

Every time a shopper purchases a $2.50 Reusable Bag at your given Hy-Vee location, your nonprofit will receive a $1 donation, unless otherwise directed by the Giving Tag. You can help drive bag sales and donations with an ongoing campaign to:

  • Promote by emailing supporters.
  • Promote by posting to your social media.
  • Promote by sending press releases to local media.
  • Check in with the store to meet its leadership and check out the bag display and stock.

It’s in the bag!

Stories from nonprofits that’ve benefited from the Reusable Bag Program.

“My Heart” Reusable Bag

Creating spaces where children thrive.

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa

Frequently Asked Questions

How often and how long are selections?

Every two months, a new nonprofit organization will be selected at each store. Nonprofits will benefit for two months at their selected stores when chosen as a beneficiary (January-February, March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, November-December).

Where can I buy a bag?

The $2.50 red “My Heart” Reusable Bags are available at all Hy-Vee locations. Look for them at various registers and on the reusable bag rack. If you can’t find them, just ask an employee where they are. They’ll be happy to show you!

To find the Hy-Vee nearest to you, visit the store locator site. You can also purchase these bags in bulk – they make great gifts for friends, family, colleagues, and group members. Show them you care about them, the community, and the environment! For information on bulk orders, please contact us at

How much does a “My Heart” Reusable Bag cost?

A red “My Heart” Reusable Bag costs $2.50, with $1 of that purchase going to support a benefiting nonprofit in your community.

How are nonprofits selected as beneficiaries every two months?

Every two months, leadership at each store location chooses a local nonprofit to be the default beneficiary from the sale of the red “My Heart” Reusable Bag. This organization’s name is posted on the reusable bag rack during their two-month benefiting period.